So much more than just one day

So much more than just one day

It was Mother's day here in the UK a couple of days ago and I was inspired to write some stories all about motherhood but when I sat down to write, nothing came.  I thought of my experience of motherhood, my Mum and here experience and there were lots of ideas but nothing felt right. 

I went away and came back to what I'd written and no amount of rewriting improved what I had.  I don't usually suffer from writers block, but for the first time it had arrived.  It was uncomfortable, unyielding and unavoidable. Everything I'd written felt very one dimensional. Urghh, it wouldn't do.  I sat with it for a few days and gave in.  If you know me, I don't give in.  I find a way, I make improvements but these stories deserved more.  It wasn't about pushing through, refining or polishing.  The heart was there but the soul was missing.

That's when it hit me.  To do justice to a six word story about motherhood it had to take more than one person's perspective into account, starting with Mum and ending with a child, a partner or parent to create a rich, revealing and personal story.  The moments that Mum remembered, cherished and grew from, alongside those her mothering lifted and impacted.

I don't know about you, but I don't like feeling rushed or obligated to do something by a specific date because the world (or messaging) has told me so, when instinctively, it just doesn't feel right. This is one of those times. On the face of it I've missed the Mother's day rush, but what's the rush?

I know that my mother, and every other mother deserves to be recognised, celebrated and spotlighted every day not just on one designated day.  Every day should be Mothers Day because Mums hold the whole world on their shoulders, every. single. day and many often don't the thanks or recognition that they deserve the rest of the year.

Every six word story that I write is about the person and their story, taking time to get a real sense of the person and uncover the gems and trying to write in the same way wasn't working. 

So, I decided to push back by not following the flow or the media and am taking my time to write my Mum the story that she deserves, even if it's a week or a month later. I'm not going to try and fit my Mum and her story into the confines of the marketing window, her story is going to expand beyond the marketing window, just like her beauty, her beautiful personality, charm and infectious zest for life.

It's funny, that as I took that stand mentally, knowing what the right thing to do was, for me at least, writing my Mum's story has come easily, well from my perspective any way.

So if you, like me and want to recognise and celebrate your mother or a mother in your life, in a beautiful, individual and timeless way, even if you've already bought a gift, give her the gift of story, her motherhood story. Thank your Mum in a way that she'll be able to enjoy every day, by taking in her six word story. 

If you'd like to make you make your Mum feel even more special and enjoy some quality time together, I've also created a special Motherhood Lux face to face experience.  I'll spend time with you and your Mum in Central London to capture the moments that have mattered in her motherhood journey, sprinkled with some memories from you as you're part of the journey and the magic. 

Treat your Mum to her Motherhood story with Motherhood and Motherhood Lux.

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