An unusual love story

Introducing an intriguing gift, experience and wedding planning service designed to help couples celebrate their unique journey, their upcoming wedding, and all the trials and tribulations they've conquered to get to the big day.

We believe that every love story is a masterpiece in progress, a novel filled with heart, and the occasional plot twist. Our mission? To turn your client’s love story into a captivating adventure that leaves them smiling,and celebrating every step of the way. Love isn’t just about the big day, it's about the sometimes destined, often heartwarming, and occasionally stressful journey to get there.

An extraordinary experience has been curated for you, that captures the moments that will keep your clients beaming from ear to ear.

Help your clients to embrace their unique love story

Not just to tell it, but celebrate it with an experience that’s far from ordinary with striking words that will leave your clients, their friends and family talking for years to come. 

"Love in Six" will have your clients reminiscing, smiling, and celebrating like never before. And who knows, your six-word love story package might just turn into a bestseller!

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Join us to find out how six words can help you to offer a beautiful, memorable and exciting experience to your clients on their way to the big day.

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