Are you ignoring your dreams?

Are you ignoring your dreams?

How many times do we suppress or ignore what we love and what we're good at because it's difficult, isn't convenient or because everything or nothing is changing?

How many times do we allow ourselves to be lead by our heads and not our hearts, or a truly balanced combination of both?

How many times do we actually know? Know what's right for us, especially in the moment but we talk ourselves out of it because it makes no sense or because everything else is more logical?

What if you stopped for a moment, and took your wings (a.k.a. your desires and dreams). The wings that are meant for you. The wings you've put aside because of life, relationships and careers?

How would you feel if you took hold of the wings that were always meant for you but made you a little, or very nervous or on the other hand, giddy with excitement? 

Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you be?

It doesn't haven't to be forever....

You don't have to wonder. Nobody says that you have to keep your wings on forever, but you do need to take them, to own them and most of all to try them out, because they're nobody else's wings, but yours.

No more running and hiding from them, shoving them in a cupboard or even lending them to someone else in the name of loyalty, love or duty.  They're yours. In all their glory.

They may be a little scuffed, dusty or even dingy because they've been neglected for a while, years or a lifetime but now's the time to take them, to wear them, to explore with them and to finally put them to use. Not half-heartedly but unapologetically.

Will your wings make you more or less of who you are?  Will they totally transform you? Who knows? That's the point and that's for you to discover, but have faith that they will look and feel great on you, if even for a short time. Why? Because your wings represent your secret  wishes, dreams and desires, to be, to see, to do and have. 

You may have one set of wings or many that you're supposed and need to wear during your life. They are calling you and they're shaped especially for you, for a reason, maybe a season or even a lifetime, but you won't know if you don't take them. 

Will they remain in the shadows or will you finally reach for them?  If you were looking for a sign, this is it.

It's time.

Time for discovery.

Time for change

Time for transformation.

Time for you

Time for courage.

Time to smile.

Time to try.

Time to shine.

Time to fly.

It's time to draw the line in the sand.  Things don't have to stay the same, you don't have to stay the same and what's more, the change doesn't have to be permanent if it really feel's too much. 

You just need to step into the thing you've set aside to find out who you really are or could be, if you're wavering or wondering.

Live a little. Or a lot.  Fly a little.  Or soar.  Whatever it will be, it's time to take your wings.

P.S. This is blog is a little different from the norm but wrote itself when we were thinking about our dreams and talents put on hold, the power of flow and everything in between.  What stood out the most was the moment we decide to put our dreams on hold, or to look away from what we really wanted.  

After that moment, we can look back and realise that there's life before the moment and then life after the moment.  Good or bad, there was the decision, the moment of change, of resolve and that in itself needs to be acknowledged and marked, not so much what comes after it.

If you're ready to take your wings and mark the moment, click here to create your six word story or find yours from our existing stories here. If you're not ready as yet but now someone who has taken their wings recently capture their story with or for them with a truly special gift.

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