It's not about me, but all about you.  Capturing life's moments and journeys with six word stories to celebrate and inspire. 

I create each story through a combination of experience, observation and interpretation.  

Story, context and sometimes imagery are combined to bring each story to life whilst creating memorable, and beautiful mini works of art.  

Each story is written to celebrate and intrigue. The fun is in finding the meaning, or at least your own meaning.  

Six Plus Two has been born from a desire to create and share thoughts, perspectives and life capturing the challenges, inspiration and stand out moments.

I'm a writer, budding artist, fitness enthusiast and analyst who above everything else, loves learning about people and their stories.

Every story that I write allows me to uncover and celebrate the wisdom, determination and strength that's often hidden or overlooked.

I believe that every story deserves its very own spotlight, so I've created a range of abstract paintings that feature as backgrounds. These will change over time, making every story even more special.

I hope that you love each story as much as I do.