Perseverance: the other side

Perseverance: the other side

In a world filled with ambition, comparison and striving to live your best life we're surrounded by the hustle, go-get it messaging —the idea that success is only achieved through relentless pursuit and unwavering determination that stops at nothing until 'it's done'. Even though perseverance is undoubtedly is crucial in attaining success, there's a subtler, softer approach that often goes unspoken —one that embraces dreams and necessary action with a gentle tenacity, acknowledging the value of pacing yourself while staying extremely committed to the journey.

Another way?

Dreams, those elusive yet compelling visions that make make our spirit and soul come alive and propel us forward into the unknown, often seem attainable only through unshakeable determination.

We're urged to push harder, faster, to charge ahead with single minded focus and intensity. But what if there's another way? What if, in following our dreams, we learn to blend the grittiness of perseverance with something softer.  Something that's more fluid, pushes forward yet retreats equally reflecting the ups and downs of life.  Reflecting the moments when we have to be tough and when we need to be softer, slower, more giving?

Perseverance, in its familiar form, often conjures images of relentless struggle, disappointment, an unending battle against all odds that leaves us weathered and often in pain. But what if we reframed perseverance to not only include a steady, consistent pace but one that also allows for rest, introspection, and flexibility? This approach doesn't diminish the importance of ambition or hard work but instead invites and acknowledges and synchs persistence with grace.

Embracing the twin flames

One of the keys to gentle perseverance is patience, an often overlooked asset in today's fast-paced world that delivers everything to us now or within a short period of time. We've forgotten the art of waiting, working on something without the expectation of seeing results immediately.

Patience allows us to navigate setbacks without losing sight of our goals or giving up at the first hurdle. It's the quiet and underestimated power that steadies us when the path ahead seems uncertain or fraught with obstacles. Embracing patience doesn't mean complacency or defeat; rather, it's an acknowledgment that some endeavors require time to flourish and often those that matter the most.

A softer approach to perseverance also encourages and requires flexibility, the ability to pivot, regroup and if needs be, reframe and recreate. Life is unpredictable, and dreams may and often do evolve along the way. Being open to changes doesn't mean giving up on our aspirations; instead, it shows resilience and a willingness to adapt when necessary. Sometimes, the most remarkable achievements arise from unexpected detours.

The hidden powers

In a time that glorifies hustle culture, self-care often takes a backseat. Yet, embracing a gentle approach to getting the job done, making things happen recognises the importance of rest and self-compassion in achieving long-term success. Rest isn't a sign of weakness, contrary to many a programmed belief, but a strategic pause that recharges our spirits and enhances our ability to handle challenges with clarity and resilience.

Central to rest and the idea of a gentler softer approach to achieving, is self-compassion. Amidst our pursuit of dreams, we are often our harshest critics. Embracing and exercising self-compassion when we need it most allows us to acknowledge our efforts, celebrate small victories, and extend kindness to ourselves in moments of difficulty that will not slow us down but fuel us to keep going. It's a reminder that persevering and digging deep, isn't only about pushing forward but is also vitally about nurturing ourselves along the way.

The ultimate balancing act 

We spend so much of time trying to balance our lives, work life balance, negative thoughts, getting enough exercise whilst enjoying our lives and food to name a few which can be draining, distracting and overwhelming.  Gentle perseverance on the other hand, doesn't represent or promote a lack of drive or ambition; instead, it encourages balance. Mindful, graceful balance that's built on an awareness that sometimes we'll fail, sometimes we'll get it wrong but keep going we will. It's about equating and balancing determination with flexibility, understanding that progress isn't always linear that allows us to weather storms while remaining true to our aspirations and dreams.

Most importantly, this approach and awareness helps us to develop a healthier relationship with success. Success isn't only measured by the speed of or the ultimate magnitude of achievement, but also by nature of the journey. Each step taken, each lesson learned, each mini victory is as significant as reaching the final destination.

The call 

The glitz and glamour of success often drown out the subtler notes of self-preservation along the way that requires patience and self-care in the form of gentle perseverance. It's a call to cultivate a mindset that values progress over perfection, resilience over rigidity, and self-compassion over self-criticism. ultimately, it's a call to slow down and be comfortable moving at your own pace towards the dreams, aspirations and goals of your choosing.

As we embark on the pursuit of our dreams, let's remember that the path isn't always a straight line. It's a winding journey, filled with detours and unexpected stops, often extended stops. By instilling gentleness to our perseverance, we honour our dreams while nurturing our well-being along the way.

So, let's say yes to gentle perseverance, the equation that balances determination with grace and resilience with self-care. May we navigate our aspirations with a steady resolve, adapting to the rhythms of life while staying true to the dreams that ignite our souls.

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