Time to refine?

Time to refine?

The first month of the year has flown by and the first virtual event Time To Fly took place. Brilliant and inspiring practitioners, coaches and experts shared fantastic tools, tips and advice to make sure that we start 2024 with our dreams to hand and not on the shelf.  The event was all about creating a solid foundation and approach that we can turn to, to get going, get us through wobbly moments or when life catches up with us, when we might be most tempted to park our dreams.

Those conversations got me thinking about the power of refining, being kind to ourselves and not being attached to one idea that keeps us spinning in mud or from taking the first or next step.  What if, instead, as we took each step, we saw it as an experiment that we'll refine and tweak until we're really satisfied and/or effective.  It makes anything a lot less daunting, right?

Well, I've taken the advice and have gone back to the drawing board with the idea of Six Plus Two which has been my dream. I thought about the experience of every person that I work with to create their life story in six words that's revealing, insightful and inspiring and I realised that because I've wanted to give as much as I can throughout the process and with the final product, that I've in fact over-engineered so much. Ouch, it really hurt to admit it.

In fact, all the options I've felt were integral might be, well umm, a little too much, especially for those who are here for the love of the words.  I realised that, although I loved bringing the colourful and artistic dimension of each story with images that capture the journey, the insights, the emotions, it might actually detract from the finished story. 

Drumroll please.....

So after eventually getting over myself and the idea of what the experience and final stories "should" look like, it's time to get back to basics. This means going right back to the words, sentences and ultimately the story.  No distractions, nothing else, nada. The experience is now being taken back to the bare bones on which you can build, if you choose to. Or not. 

You'll be able to add a background and/or bring your story to life with a lifestyle product, because, it's all about living the story and the dream.  Most importantly, it's about making sure that you can immerse yourself in your story in a way that suits you. Your story, your way. Why? Because my goal in every story I write is to reveal or how amazing you are, because sometimes we forget.  Sometimes we forget what we've been through and have achieved. It's all about how you feel about you and your life story. 

And there's more!

Of course, I couldn't stop there with this monumental decision and change.  I've also been thinking about this blog for a while. As a small business owner we're told to write a blog to share the thoughts, values and concepts behind the business. I've been sharing thoughts on how we can improve the stories we tell ourselves about our life and by default our life stories.

Again, that's all well and good, but may be a little confusing for you.  So with another strike from the clarity gods, I've realised that what I've been sharing so far is all focused on the creative side of our offerings, i.e. the ingredients that make your story more diverse when the time comes to capture it.  It honestly felt a little unbalanced and it was. 

What's been missing was the find side of things. That is helping you to find a story six words or otherwise, that's already been written that will help to inspire, motivate and guide you to where you'd like your story to end, or at least a certain phase.

You'll be glad to know that it's now in hand and that the blog will also share some of the wonderful backstories of the people I've written stories for or have been inspired to write stories for that delve into their journey to where they are today that I hope will inspire, motivate and guide you along your way.  

Admittedly, there was a huge sense of relief when I realised these were the changes I have to make to make sure that this dream stays alive and it feels so right. Ok, it might be a little gushy, but it really does. There wasn't any resistance, no ache in the pit of my stomach, wondering if I'm veering off the path, instead there's just been a strong sense of knowing it's the right (and best) thing to do.

Hang around

This may be way too much information for you, if you're here deciding whether or not to work with me, but I like to be transparent.  This is my dream experiment and you're welcome to jump in and work with me which I'd love, or tag along and see what happens along the way. I hope that you'll join me.

Oh and by the way, there's likely to be more changes or as I like to call them, "refinements" along the way as things are fine tuned.  Whatever they are, Six Plus Two will officially be refined and ready for 2024.   

In the meantime, what can you refine or experiment with that will help you to achieve your dreams in 2024?






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