There's always another way

There's always another way

A close friend has experienced a life changing accident and you've just finished university.  Apparently the world is your oyster but you're not convinced right now.  All you know is that you've got to get out of the country.  

Everyone's telling you to stay, get a job, put your degree to good use and get on with the rest of your life.  If you really have to travel, go for a little while, and be sure not to travel alone.  The opinions, the chatter.  

Should you stay or should you go?  Your head says maybe you should stay, but your heart says hell no.

You do it, You book your ticket and you're off.  Alone. Your heart's pounding as you get on the plane.  You're scared.  What have you done?  You think to yourself.  But you go. 

And boy, do you go. Your trip includes travelling to Toronto, overland camping from Mexico City to LA, New Zealand, Singapore, Southern India and Goa in the three months. At first you doubt yourself but you find your rhythm and your stride. After a couple of month's there's no stopping you.  You know you're exactly where you should be.  Free.  For the moment, anyway.

On your travels you meet someone special.  You know, it, he knows it.  But there's no stopping this rolling stone now.  You've got a travel plan and you're sticking to it.

You stay in touch and realise that there's something there.  You finally return home. Time to get on with "real" life.  But is it?  The two of you have something special and he knows it too.  It's a risk and he goes out on a limb and comes to you from the other side of the world.  It felt right and was right.  But you're willing to put in the work, and that you do, different backgrounds, different cultures, you both stand fast.

Together you create a life, very much designed.  Filled with love, discovery, lots of adventure and compromise, but not in the familiar sense.  Compromise filled with energy and led by curiosity.  

You've got everything you dreamed of. It's time to change. You decide to leave professional safety to focus on your family. After some time at home you knew it was time to get back to work, but this time you wanted to do it on your own terms, with flexibility and remaining present for the children.
You went out on a limb.  You went out on your own. You wanted to have it all...and you did.  You'd made it and then some. Led by demands, led by success until your body had had enough and you burned out.   Time out. You timed out and tapped out. No more, there had to be another way. 
You tapped out in a good way, in the best way.  You discovered the power of tapping.  Tapping for freedom, tapping for sanity, tapping for health, tapping for you, into you.   There was no going back.  Like a butterfly that did the time, it was time. Time for the next chapter.

This is Sarah Gorev's story. Sarah is a marketing and social media expert turned Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner who helps women to step back into their true selves, into their power and personalities through EFT.  Find out more at tapinto Sarah has three great sets of digital decks, that bring calm, wisdom and clarity in moments of chaos, a perfect introduction to EFT. Click the links to find out more:

 Sarah Gorev

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This was an unusual blog you may say, well there's not much usual over here to be honest.  Whilst listening to people share their life stories, I'm often left amazed and in awe of how they've made the decisions they made, how they've overcome the challenges they encountered and how everything that's happened has led them to the here and now.  Sometimes, particular stories and people stand out and leave me thinking about them long after their stories have been written and winged their way to their owners.

I often think that there's something in their story that would inspire and help others and I wish I could share them.  Well, that got me thinking, well why not, if that person is happy for their story to be told?

So, we've kicked off with someone whose story had to be shared with the world, for those who are unsure or who have that sensation that something more out there that's calling them.  Sometimes you just have to follow the call and be prepared to do the work, because it definitely isn't all peaches, but worth it. 
Is something calling you right now?
Want to uncover your story? Have yours created here.


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