Unexpected gifts

Unexpected gifts

The best gifts are unexpected, right?  We'd say so, but sometimes they don't look like gifts and may have ugly wrapping paper or just don't look like we'd like them to. 

Heck, what's more, sometimes, we don't even want to accept them for that reason, but accept them we must because, it's rude not too.  Not to mention, it may be exactly what we need even though in the moment we don't realise it.

We were thinking about what to share following our last blog and honestly, we were a bit stumped, until one of the team was frustrated about something that had happened one day. It was inconvenient, expensive and time consuming only to be really excited and grateful that said thing had happened by the end of the week. The "annoying" thing had inadvertently set her up for something even better by opening a door and presenting an opportunity.

That, alone makes a pretty interesting story but the 180 degree turnaround that she went through, was even more interesting to watch from the sidelines.

It was the arghh, noo! hmmmm, ok, yes! process that she went through, that in itself was liberating. Liberating her from anger and frustration around the initial event to happiness and eventually gratitude.

It all made sense afterwards and that's the essence of so many of the stories in the Liberation collection and all of the six-word stories that are written.  Overcoming the pain, getting through the discomfort, changing the narrative, dropping, releasing, recognising, opening, closing, travelling.  It's about the journey - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual or maybe even, each of them.

When you look at this situation, it was about keeping a look out for the gifts and progress that often go hand in hand, whilst in the middle of and after the matter.  But how can we do that objectively, consciously without getting sucked into the negativity of the here and now before these become clear? That's the question.

Some would say, keep your head down and keep going, no matter what and you'll do what you need to do on the other side.  Others would say, stop, take a moment, replenish and everything will become clear and maybe even better.  Neither is right, neither is wrong, as we're all different.  You know your limits and what will help or slow you down moving through the event.  If you haven't figured it out, experiment with one of the ideas the next time you're faced with a major event and see how you get on.  

Just keep looking for the unexpected gifts, often easily missed. They're out there dotted along the way.

Have you had an experience like this that was life or at least chapter defining?  If so, do share it with us at hello@sixplustwo.com as we'd love to know.



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