Why your story isn't just a story

Why your story isn't just a story

Someone asked recently why six word stories?  The answer is because they're so much more powerful than people realise, that is until they read their finished story.  

Capturing your life story, the moments that matter, the spirit of who you are in 6 words is fascinating and revealing.  You can learn more about who you are, how you're perceived, the things you didn't even realise were integral to you, through the process, sharing and reflecting on your story and experiences.  People who've had stories created for them have described the storytelling conversation as "revealing", "empowering" and even "therapeutic", because there's something so powerful about remembering, retelling and exploring the moments that makes the experience unique and special.

How often do we forget key experiences because they happened long ago or because we didn't attach any significance to them? Just because we've forgotten, doesn't mean that we're not experiencing some aspect of that moment today, in the here and now.

I was personally reminded of something I had achieved a few years ago and had completely forgotten.  Yes, I'd forgotten it.  I look back and wonder, exactly how that happened because at the time it was difficult, challenging, rewarding and extremely satisfying when I got through it.  But I had managed to park it and maybe even erase it, although it had inadvertently led me to where I am today and is the reason why these six word stories exist.  

Why and how? 

That event and those moments showed and reminded me of the power of experience, perspective and how we often don't see ourselves as others see us. What was "nothing" in the rear view, definitely was "something" at the time.  We can be so hard on ourselves to the point of forgetting or belittling who we are, what we're capable of and what we've travelled through.  What we forget or remember also creates the stories we hold on to around events. When these stories are patched together they paint a vivid picture of who we think we are and where we intend to go.  But what if what you think and see is only a fraction of the story?  

When a completed story is shared for the first time, there's often a moment of doubt, wondering if it's captured the right things, the true things.  Yet time and time again, every story captures so much more than expected which gets people thinking, smiling and sitting up that bit taller. When someone shares their thoughts on the story they're often surprised and delighted by the things that have been brought to the surface, front and centre.  The aspects of themselves that appear, that have been forgotten or overlooked.  The things that seemed minor or were quickly brushed past in the moment that played a bigger part than they realised.

We are a sum of our moments and we can choose to forget them, celebrate them or focus on them to motivate us to change direction or take the next step.

Your story is a multi layered map of your life and yourself. You can use your story to move you forward, to remind you of your forgotten talents, your strengths and ability and/or it can be a marker of how far you've come.

Your story, isn't just a story.  It's awareness, a kaleidoscope of events, that depending on how you look at them changes how you look at yourself and even life. 

It can be a hero's journey or one revealing shadows that lead to light, or vice versa. 

It can be recognition and acceptance of the tightrope that you walk on between worlds, experiences and even people, yourself included.

Your story can be a symbol that you can fall back on to give you courage, energy or insight.

A story is a powerful thing that helps someone to remember, rediscover or remind themselves of who they really are or want to be.  

So is your life story, just a story?

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